SHF Gaim kachidoki Arms

Hey guys! I recently updated the site to give it a refreshed look, it was also necessary to turn my rusty lockseed  fresh again lol (if you’ve watched the gaim hyper battle dvd you’ll get it lol)

So, to kickstart this fresh new look, i’m just gonna leave this pictures here 😀


DSC03561Also, i’m now thinking of a proper format to review my figures so that this blog won’t only be a photo dump, but also a blog where i can give my honest opinions on. I’m still trying out various stuff so it’s kinda like a work in progress lol. So, till the next post! Ei! Ei! Ouu!

Phat 1/8 Tohka Yatogami

Hey guys! Been out recently to take some shots. Here’s one of ’em. I borrowed her from one of my buddies and i had this idea of blurred out lights behind her and a night sky as the background as she generally has a colder, subdued more darker feel. I think it came out pretty nice and the background complements the figure perfectly, though it would have been even better if i had framed the lights more to the sides instead lol. Till the next post! 😀DSC03455

1/144 VF-11C Thunderbolt Battroid Mode


Hey guys, i’ve recently been working on kits from other genres and shows to take a break from gunpla after the nightmarish experience from building the HGUC F91. So here’s the results of my “break”, the VF-11C Thunderbolt from Macross 7.   ^___^

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Playing with action figures and appreciating their worth

Hey guys, i’ve been a lil’ busy recently trying out a new lens i bought. However, i still managed to take some shots of one of my first few figmas i bought about 2 years back lel. Beware though, long post inbound, if you’re not prepared to read, i’ve still got pictures to compensate so click on the read more tag now! 😀


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